Franz Marfurt started his career as a young goldsmith at one of Switzerland’s most renowned Jewelers. In the 1970s he started his own label under his name to which he added the name of his hometown Lucerne – meaning the city of lights. It was then that his group of friends opened the boutique Vanja Palmers in Zurich, where he would sell his pieces, specially created for his friends. The young Franz Marfurt was part of the hippie movement, just like his friends, and was always drawn to mystical figures and symbols which till today mark the unmistakable style of his jewels showing symbols such as stars, wings and sword crosses.

In the 1980s he met his wife Anne and they soon decided to open their own boutique in 1987 in the heart of Zurich where he still crafts his pieces in his charming atelier.

To this day, Franz Marfurt sometimes likes to take old pieces that he made and recreate and modernize them. That is how he started to reproduce his beloved Voyageur bracelet a few years ago, one of his now most iconic pieces, which is inspired by the African elephant hair bracelet.

What makes his creations exclusive is that they are individual pieces, appreciated by the international few, each designed and handcrafted by himself and distinctly showing the traces of his craftsmanship. Magically, these days, his creations travel around the world for him.




We obtain our precious metals from the Swiss metal manufacturer GYR, which recycles gold and silver and other metals. We are therefore happy to declare that our metals are second generation metals.